Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Odd Couple......

A friend of ours was looking for a home for a couple of roosters....and even though I definitely didn't NEED anymore roosters, their fate seemed pretty tentative if I didn't intervene.

I haven't named them yet (other than teasing the people I got them from that I was going to name the roosters after them....) one is a Crevecoeur and the other is a White Crested Polish.

They seem to be best buds and I have them isolated in a dog kennel until I see that they are healthy enough to put with my other poultry. They love the igloo in the kennel and sleep in there at night (I need to get a pic of them peeking out) :)

If anyone has any ideas for names don't hesitate to speak up!


Nancy K. said...

No name suggestions but they're GORGEOUS!! For some reason they bring to mind Fire Works. Maybe something like Firecracker & ???

I have a good friend who keeps a flock of just roosters. She doesn't want any hens because she's not around to gather eggs and apparently the roosters don't fight without hens around.

I put Madonna & her babies in with the rooster (Bruce Springstein) and other hen (Ann Margaret) today. All went well. Madonna and Bruce were particularly happy to see each other! ;-)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Hey! Now you've got a Pip who looks like his sister, Dot! They're such funny birds, you will enjoy him immensely, as long as your other birds don't pick on him.
That other guy kinda looks like a klingon from Star Trek, doesn't he?

shadow mountain jacobs farm said...

Handsome fellas. How about the names Diablo for the one with the horn-looking comb and Top Hat for the Polish. Kind of hard to name Roosters huh?

Pamela said...

Have to agree that the one does look like a Klingon! Talk about an angry face.

So wonderful that they found your home!

Anonymous said...

Howabout Spike and Rocky, I don't know... They just seem so, manly and kinda "punk-ish." :)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I've been immersed in a variety of chickens on this trip (I'm in the Phoenix airport), but those are two new breeds for me. (I am lusting after a Wellsommer now!) I think your new roosters definitely need to be named after male rock stars, like Gene Simmons.

Jenny Holden said...

Wow, super looking boys! Hope the continue to get on. They look like they should be named after punk rock stars!

Tina T-P said...

Looks like your new girls from Michelle have really made themselves to home - these too rooster boys are very handsome - I agree about the punk rocker names being a good idea - they do look like something from the band Kiss... T.

Twinville said...

What handsome fellas! You will definetely enjoy them.

I don't have any good names in the ready, but since you've been visiting my blog, you know that I, too, have a couple polish chickens that adorn our coop.

The Golden-Laced Bearded Roo's name is Sid Vicious or Sultan Sid. And the Buff-Laced Polish pullet's name is Phyllis Diller. Very fitting names, I'm sure you'd agree! hehe

You took some really great photos and I look forward to seeing updates of these two, especially peeking their heads of the igloo! hehe