Saturday, November 5, 2011

Three Bells Weekend

I've actually spent a few weekends over at the 3 Bells this summer....thought it was about time to post a few pics. I only had a little point and shoot camera with me, but tried to get some good shots of the place.
Alice the Bouvier looking towards the pig acreage.....

My friend, Tara, with Cisco (aka Little Man) and Pippen in the background.

Tara runs this ranch pretty much by herself. It's a wonderful place, where the animals are treated with dignity and respect...even the ones that will eventually end up on the dinner table. Tara is all about health, organic feed, nothing GMO.

Her pigs are even free range on acreage and get produce out of a garden she grew strictly for feeding her pigs. Izzy the matriarch is a Tamworth pig, a heritage breed known as the "bacon pig".

She raises beef (her bull is a Wagyu (Kobe beef) and I can vouch for enjoying some excellent meat from her herd), rabbit and chicken as well as vegetables and herbs. If you want to know what you're eating is actually good for you and the animal lived a healthy and happy life, please consider purchasing your meat from my friend. She also produces a wonderful horse calendar every year and has a fun blog to read. Her website is:

We decided to do a short ride up behind her place, beautiful views of the valley and river.

Grouchy Max waiting to ride out. Max was over at Tara's for manners/fat camp. :)

Kylie always gets a good workout over there.....:)

The following are a couple pics of some of Tara's herd of horses/mules.....

One of the best places to fuel up on the way over and back is in Omak. At one of the Native American run pumps/stores they have these great sculptures out in front.

I look forward to returning to 3 Bells...and will hopefully take my good camera with me to get some more shots to share.

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Star said...

Better not tell Izzy she's a 'bacon pig'! It might spoil her day. I loved looking at your pictures today, all the beautiful colours of the countryside and the animals, of course.