Monday, October 13, 2008

Two times the things you didn't know about me

Hi all, I was tapped two times (that I remember....I "think" there was one other time), anyway they are kinda one in the same, one was things you didn't know about me and the other was to tell more about I'm combining them all. :)

1. I was adopted as an infant. In CA they seal the files so you can't find out anything about your birth parents other than non-identifying information. Two years ago I sent for that information (I turn 50 next month). It was interesting, my birth mother who was 16 at the time (REALLY unacceptable in the 1950s) was 1/2 French, 1/2 Norwegian, brown hair, brown eyes. My birth father was in the military, Irish and had red hair and blue eyes. The most interesting thing I found out was that she loved horses and swimming. Horses have always been a big part of my life (neither my adopted Mom or Dad had any interest in them) and I was a competitive swimmer in my youth.

2. I hated having red hair and freckles (guess which parent I got that from!) growing up, now that I actually LIKE having red hair and freckles, my freckles are starting to fade and I'm starting to see gray hair. sigh.

3. I grew up in the deserts of So. Cal. Palm Desert (13 miles out of Palm Springs) to be exact. I didn't have many friends and spent most of my time hiking in the desert with my dogs.

4. I worked at the Tamarisk Country Club as a waitress, it was one of the stops on the Bob Hope Golf Tournament and also had many stars that were members. I was lucky to meet so many of them and see how "human" they all were. One of my favorites was Zeppo Marx (Grouchos brother)he used to call my Irish and was a really funny man.

5. I was a horse wrangler for White Sun Guest Ranch, part time and then full time for most of my teenage years.

6. I learned to play the piano and guitar in my youth but could play either right now if I tried....sure wish I had kept it up.

7. I'm a night person even though I get up at 3am to go to work each day.

8. Even though I have trained dogs since I was three years old and could have titled many dogs I never had the nerve to compete....(hoping to change that with Kylie).

9. I did Search and Rescue for 6 years, first with the Horse Unit and then with the Dog Unit.

10. I took a class in Animal Communication.

11. I am wealthy in friends which I have learned is one of the best things in a persons life. I am really enjoying the blogging and meeting new friends. I was starting to be really disheartened with the human race but through blogging I am thrilled to see what wonderful people really are still out there!

12. I planned to only work at Boeing for 1 year (wanted to get a job animal related)......I have now been there 27 years.....

13. I took a 3 week Biology/Geology field trip to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons put on by a local community college. I was 45 at the time and even though there was one other 40 something person taking the trip the majority were 17-18 year olds. Oh wait....other than the two 70 something women that also did the trip. :) They were extremely inspirational to me and made me realize you didn't have to slow down or stop learning no matter how old you got!

14. Even though I have lived in WA state for 30 years I have never really developed web feet....and hope to retire into a dryer climate.

That's probably more than ANYONE would want to know about me, but there you have it! Now I just have to figure out how to tag other bloggers! :)


Sharrie said...

Wow! I am impressed with all of the things that you have done in your life. I really liked the way that you presented it all. Keep going. Remember, us "old folks" can still do plenty of "stuff".

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about you.
You're a little like an onion, aren't you?

Covered in many fascinating layers.

Thanks for peeling back those wonderful layers :)


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I agree with Lisa that you are like an onion with many fascinating layers! And it always fascinates me to learn about things I hold in common with others that I am linked to in some way, like sheep and/or blogging (both of which I came to only recently). We're only three years apart in age (okay, you gotta spill your birthdate), both love horses and worked as wranglers, grew up in So.Cal with perhaps more animal than people friends and are night owls. A big difference is that I think I was born with webbed feet and LOVE it here, even though I lived my life until the end of 1989 in drier climes. Don't retire TOO far away, okay?

melanie said...

What an excellent posting - I really like learning more about my blogger friends...that's why #11 really resonated with me. I too, can get very disappointed with humans around me, and have been lifted more than once by the people I have met through this wonderful medium...

And although finding similarities is fun, I like hearing about the many different ways people can grow up.

Anonymous said...

Wow...fascinating stuff! I can't believe you are going to be 50 next month. You have done some very admirable things.

I also found it interesting that you shared horses and swimming in common with your birth mother. My son is adopted and I often wonder what he shares with his birth parents.

Thanks for sharing!

shadow mountain jacobs farm said...

We sure have a lot in common. We grew up just miles from each other, love animals, work for the same company, both raise sheep, we are both half Irish, close in age and the list goes on. I will trade you for my real sister any day :-)

Did you know that onions get sweeter as you peel off the layers and get closer to the center, so the best is yet to come. You are awesome!!!

Wrensong Farm said...

Thanks everyone for the compliments and encouragements! I felt a little funny coming up with stuff about me to post. :)

Linda B. said...

What fun! I had red hair and freckles, too. No one else in the family did. When I met my half sister, she had red hair and freckles and so does my daughter. Pretty neat. I taught western equitation as a part time job in high school. I really enjoyed reading about you (and I'm older).:-)

Pamela said...

That's some impressive list! It is always so interesting to put a backstory together with the blog.

You've really done a lot! And it sounds like you are remembering the #1 rule of a good life: HAVE FUN!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Horse wrangler, search & rescue and animal are a woman after my own heart! The only difference is that you've actually DONE the things I've only dreamed of ever doing. :-)

Jenny Holden said...

Gosh, what a nice thing to do! I enjoyed reading this and I agree with everyone about the similarities between people we "accidentally" meet! It's pretty amazing :o) Might have to do something like this on my blog so you can see!

Wrensong Farm said...

Hey Danni, it's never too late! :)

Hmmmm Jenny I haven't tagged anyone yet because I figured most everyone had been by now....I may be formulating a list! :)

Ishtar said...

I stumbled across your blog from elsewhere (I love farm blogs!) and this post had be so intrigued. Love your life story!

Hope to be back soon again!

Greetings from West Africa,