Saturday, December 13, 2008

A little bit of Winter.......

Returning from dog training last night about 11pm it was snowing pretty good. The Subaru's outside temp gauge said it was "only" 33 degrees so I knew we'd have some snow sticking by morning.

I love a drier climate. The humidity in the air in this part of the world makes the cold reach your bones. Drier snow is also easier to drive in. The wet sloppy stuff especially if it's on a sheet of ice makes for some fancy maneuvering.

Couple that with the inexperience some people around here have driving in the snow makes me not want to be out on the roads at all. Unfortunately we're supposed to have an arctic front that will be staying with us for over a week....with lows around 14 degrees and not rising above freezing in the day. And unfortunately I have to go to work all next week. I may have some interesting stories....

The snow we received last night and this morning was only a dusting.....not as pretty as a nice full blanket of snow.

I have the weekend off so I slept in. Needless to say Jasmine and the crew were not pleased about waiting a couple extra hours for breakfast. I received some very disgruntled braying and baaing as I headed down the hill.

I decided it was time to post pics of my breeding groups, they have been together for a week. I didn't do the raddle powder so I would know exactly who was bred and when because if I waited for some spare time to mix it up I probably wouldn't get them together until Spring, instead of having Spring lambs.

I have 6 Shetland ewes in with my Shetland ram, Duncan and 5 Jacob ewes in with my Jacob ram, Lawrence.

Here's the Shetland group first. Here's a few of Duncan and his harem.

First we have Ilse from Lois at Stonehaven:

Then Flora who is also from Lois at Stonehaven:

Here is Aurora, she is from Briana, at Call of the Wool (Sheep Ridge):

The last three are from Michelle at Boulderneigh. She is the one responsible for me getting addicted to Shetlands. She has sold me her best and friendliest girls because she is now breeding for polled Shetlands. I can't thank her enough.

Here is Bella. She was the first of my Shetlands. I fell in love with her when I saw Michelle leading her around the Black Sheep Gathering on a halter:

Here is Rechel, she is Bella's Mom:

And last of the ewes, but definitely not least, is Valentine, and yes that is her head in front of the camera lens in the following shot. If you are squatting down you OBVIOUSLY want to be scratching her. :)

Here is Duncan, a wonderful ram, I was lucky that Lois, at Stonehaven, decided to part with him:

My Jacobs are a bit more wild, they just knew I was there to try and catch them to trim feet or give vaccinations.....the memories were too fresh of a week ago. :)

Here's one of Janelle (in front), from Mary at Shadow Mountain Jacobs, and Pacifica (on left)from Shannon of Kenleigh Acres:

Here is one of Gypsy, she is from Robin of Meridian Jacobs:

Here is a group shot.....Janelle out in front, followed by Symphony(Shannon,Kenleigh Acres) then Constance (closest to the camera), a lovely lilac ewe I got from Joan at Mud Ranch and Pacifica bringing up the rear (Kenleigh Acres):

The ram is Lawrence, also a lilac, from Sandy at Windy Acres:

Here is my group of young ladies that will have to wait until next year, Claire, the black iset ,Ellen, the black gulmoget (both from Briana, Call of the Wool), Bevin, the moorit (Michelle of Boulderneigh), Matisse, the HS but no T moorit from Marybeth at Shady Oak, Sasha, a Jacob (Mary at Shadow Mountain) and grumpy old Uncle Carl, a Jacob wether (from Mary at Shadow Mountain.

The trumpeter swans were still circling the valley, I love seeing the sunlight make their feathers glow.

What's this? I had a dinosaur visit in the middle of the night!!????

Oh, it's just Fred. :)

As I was walking back to the house I took this pic of a couple of apples that no one could easily reach, donkey or people.

These pics I took on the way to class last night of sundogs or parhelions. I should have pulled over to take the pic but there wasn't a good spot so unfortunately one is kind of blurry. (Nothing like taking pics out a side window and driving down the highway.....

Kylie says I think I'll just stay in and sleep until we get some REAL snow!


the7msn said...

Goodness, I hope there isn't a test tomorrow on all these names. Do I need to go back and try to count sheep or will you just tell us how many you have? They're so adorable, I'm tempted to try my hand at being a shepard!

Anonymous said...

Counting... zzzzzzzzzz... Sheep... zzzzzzz... :D
I always enjoy seeing a photo or two of Constance. I'm glad you still like her even though those Jacobs don't seem as friendly as your Shetlands. Why is that anyway?

Kay Lodahl said...

I love the picture of the apples!! Great shot. And the sundogs are really something.. Sheep? I just count them....

Claire said...

I love the pictures of your sheep. I especially like it that you have one named Claire. A very good name if I may say so myself. :-)

Nancy K. said...

I'm so glad that you got Bella! I would have loved to have her but it wasn't feasible. The photo of Duncan is AWESOME! What a gorgeous ram. Of course, I'd expect no less from Lois.

I love the shot of the trumpeter swans! Beautiful pictures, Tammy...

Wrensong Farm said...

Linda, I have 19 sheep right now. :)You SHOULD have some sheep on your ranch, especially a few friendly Shetlands to skritch.

Joan, I have speculated that myself. I know some Jacobs can be very friendly but the rule seems to be a little bit more wild. I'm sure it's a survival thing. The best thing I can figure is on the Shetland Isles there aren't many predators (course seeing as Jacobs came to us from England there aren't many there either....but ORIGINALLY they came from places there were predators). Anyway, being as they are on a smaller island it seems like the people that deal with them would want ones that were a bit more friendly and easy to handle. This is just my speculation though. In fairness, there are some pretty wild Shetlands too. My Bella is more flighty.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

So nice to see new photos of the girls! Thank-you (and stay warm).

sugarcreekstuff said...

Those Jacobs and the Lilacs are like no other I've seen! Thanks for the cool pics.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! So many beautiful sheep. Your rams are gorgeous with spectacular horns. Wow!

And your frosted apples....and your dino-emu Fred. And Kylie is just so pretty!
Your sky photos, including the swans are picture perfect, too.

Oh, and it's snowing and blowing here as I type. Thankfully it's a dry snow. I don't like wet snow either...or crusty snow or dirty snow. I sound like a snow snob, eh?

Your lovely snow reminds me of powdered sugar. :)

New Mexico

Grammy said...

All your photos are great. I love Duncan he is too cool. I don't know why but there are very few sheep in my neck of the woods in Missouri. I have a photo I kept of a black and white mom and baby. They were just awesome. Like a cow in pattern. I found it on Mother earth news.
I know what you mean by people driving in the snow.
By the way is there a name I can call you?
Like I am Grammy.

Wrensong Farm said...

Lisa, I'm a snow snob too. :)

Grammy, the only name that I've been called that might not offend others is Tammy....:)

Anonymous said...

It's great to see all of the sheep! It is funny how different people like different things. I would go crazy if all my sheep were friendly ;) I have my handful that love to get chin scratches and it makes me appreciate them more for it! I am finding that the more Jacobs I get, the less reactionary they are becoming - not sure why. I love the dino print in the snow - so did Theron!

Joanna said...

Beautiful photo's, until I starting blogging I had't met any sheep, still haven't ftf, but I love seeing them.

When we visited Quebec City, I didn't see any 4X4's, dry snow I suppose. Here in the NC Appalachian Mtns, we have to have 4X4's to get around because our snow is often heavy and wet.

Eve said...

Your sheep are just great Tammy. Those rams are really something! Good luck with that snow and cold...I know that subie will get you just have to watch out for everyone driving some "other" car!! Subie owners unite!! Hi FRED!! He is very cool and you can tell him I said so! Kylie is very smart!!!

Kara said...

Fantastic pictures as usual! You have a few handsome rams there yourself! Wow!