Saturday, May 22, 2010

I am the Cheeto Bandito......

I felt that this Raven need a post all his own.

While traveling through the Petrified Forest at one of the stops we encountered this raven. He was obviously used to humans and how to finagle a treat or two from them.

I squatted and talked to him and told him how it wasn't healthy for him to eat junk food, but he just wouldn't listen. So I said ok, but just a few, and asked Guerdon to hand me some cheetos. (unfortunately one of my junk food weaknesses).

He gratefully gobbled them down and I climbed into the car. Off we drove to the next overlook.

When we returned to the car there stood a raven. Could it be? The same raven? or were they all "trained" that way?

We decided that it was indeed the same raven, because when we drove off we saw him overhead flying over the car. Next stop there he was.

After that we drove too far and too fast for him to catch up. But from that point forward every time we see a raven in a parking lot we joke about how he followed us there from the Petrified Forest. :)


Star said...

Bless his heart! As humans we just don't give enough credit to our animal friends, do we. This clever species of birds are capable of 'farming' the contents of a rubbish bin, carefully diving in, collecting food and flying out again. Quiet a feat for bird I think.
Loved the pictures.
Blessings, Star

Nancy K. said...

How neat! I've never seen a raven (or a crow) up close but I would love to. I think they are awesome birds. I envy you your 'close encounter'.

Ann said...

Lovely series of photos of the crow. So glad he got a treat for his interest in you, and posing for photos as well.