Friday, May 21, 2010

We just flew in from Vegas and boy are our wings tired!

Introducing the latest members of the Wrensong family.....Zazu and Buzz, two lineolated (also know as Barred Parakeet, Bolborhynchus lineola) parakeet boys. Zazu is the cobalt blue and Buzz is the normal green.

I had been wanting to have a parrot type bird again and was researching all the different breeds. When I read about Linnies I realized that I had found the perfect bird! They are small and quiet, other than an occasional jungle yell (which I have yet to hear) and can learn to talk. So far all I've heard are these cute little whistles and buzzing noises that I could sit and listen to for hours (like I need another excuse to be in the computer room.....):P

Once I decided on type I started looking for the perfect breeder, someone who handraised the babies and fed a proper diet and had their birds best interest at heart. I had originally e-mailed Bonny of Winddys Wings and she put me in touch with Sharron in Kingman Arizona. I was put on her mailing list for when she had some new babies hatch and when they did I sent her a deposit. I had originally thought I would just get one but then decided he would be a lot happier with a companion during the day when I was at work, so decided on two boys.

Zazu and Buzz left for the long flight to Seattle (by way of Houston) on Thursday. Guerdon and I drove down to Seatac airport and the Continental Cargo building. They arrived in the most fantastically put together crate for travel! They had sunscreen mesh over all the windows and door, a perch mounted inside and all the fruits, vegtables and grains they couldn't possible consume in a couple of days. The drive home seemed to take forever (possibly because of the horrible traffic) and they were SO quiet, other than a little buzz here and there.

When I put them in their new cage they set right off to exploring. Linnies are more of a climber and though they will fly they prefer to stay on their feet. Zazu surprised me by coming right over for some loving which I didn't hesitate to give. Buzz is a bit more stand-offish but he still like some attention.

If you have been looking for a pet bird, I can't recommend this little bird more highly. Please read up on them at: , , and join some linnie lists like the one on Yahoo... Linnie lovers. :) If you still think this is the bird for you, I can't recommend Sharron more highly! (not to mention all the cute Linnie pics!!)

I bought a nice large cage that I could load with toys and a playpen for these boys to be on when I was out in the family room. Here's a pic of the playpen:

Looks like fun, huh? :)


Susan said...

Oh, I just love your babies! They are so beautiful...ahem, handsome! Sorry, boys! I would love to have a pair, but with 4 cats in the house, I could never let them out of their cage. So jealous of your good fortune in finding these little sweethearts!

Michelle said...

You know, your sales pitch might just work! I haven't replaced my sweet little lovebird and wasn't sure I ever would find the right resident for her big cage again, but these sound perfect. But I AM afraid to ask how much it costs to buy and fly two of them anywhere!

Star said...

Your birds are very beautiful. I hope you get to enjoy them for many years to come. They have a desirable residence to live in and company for each other, so all should be just fine and dandy.
Blessings, Star

Strange Angel said...

What an adorable pair of boys!
Where did you find your awesome birdie playground? Having read your accolades and checked out the breeder's site, I'm considering "adopting" a pair myself. But if I do it, I want to have everything set beforehand. I've had birds before and I know it goes much smoother to know going in how much space, money, and attention they'll need. LOL