Thursday, July 17, 2008

Turkeys on Parade

I recently released my two 1/2 Wild, 1/2 Narraganssett tom turkeys. I kept them penned for over a month, crossed my fingers they wouldn't fly away and opened the pen door. They followed me out to where the chickens were and while the chickens were eating the turkeys tried their best to impress them.
Lots of gobbling, spreading their feathers, dragging their wings, but the chickens were not impressed. Maybe there wasn't enough gobbling, or the tone wasn't right......

No luck. The show was drawing some interest however, not from the two legged but the four legged variety.
Lawrence, the ram lamb, was the MOST interested. He felt they were definitely worth checking out......not only did they not LOOK like any sheep he had seen, but boy, they didn't smell like one either!

Yesterday, we had a Union rally for a Strike Sanction vote. This vote just gives the Union negotiators the backing to ask for a strike if the contract is unacceptable. The last couple of contracts we have taken some cut-backs as Boeing wasn't doing well and lay-offs were imminent. We haven't had a general wage increase in over 6 years and we hope because the company has been doing extremely well they will share in their profits by giving us a GWI, not take away any medical benefits and increase the dollar/years worked ratio for retirees. The Strike Sanction vote is also to show the company that the Union does have our backing as it is a stop-work and empties out the factories.

Calling a strike is really a lose-lose situation. Both for the company who will not have planes built or delivered and for the employee that will have to pay his bills either with his savings or by getting a job on the side. Not to mention the medical insurance coverage only goes for so long into the strike and you have to stand by a burn barrel and wave a sign for hours at a time, usually in the pouring rain.

Anyway, I couldn't help notice the similarities between some of the speakers on the podium and my tom turkeys at some of the speakers were definitely on parade as well!

The meeting was held at the Seattle Center in the Key Arena. Lots of interesting stuff to see but WAY too many people for my tastes! The membership voted 99% approval to back the Union if they call for a strike.....we'll know the beginning of Sept.

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I wondered if you were in that crowd at Key Arena I saw on the news. Loved your comparison of your turkeys with the speakers on the podium! Your toms looked like their were doing a choreographed dance in those photos -- you can see where the native Americans get the inspiration for some of their dances!