Saturday, November 22, 2008

Half a century and counting......

I wasn't really sure I wanted to do a post on the fact that I am now a half a century old. But I guess I should be tickled that I made it THIS far.

An old (yes, she is even older than me!sorry Charlene.....):) girlfriend of mine that I have known for a good half of that half century and I share the same birthday month, November and are just days apart. She has retired and now lives down by Olympia and after not seeing each other for years we now try and get together when we can.

I receive concert updates in my e-mail and was notified that Little Feat was coming to town. I knew this was one of Charlene's all time favorite bands and I decided to get tickets so we could enjoy the evening together.

Charlene was thrilled at the idea. She and her sister had been a "groupie" of Little Feat when they (Char and her sister) were living in Calif. They even knew the band before they were Little Feat and were known as The Factory. Little Feat officially became the band Little Feat in 1969.

We decided to meet early in Seattle and check out some of our favorite places and eat some dinner before attending the concert.

We met outside of Seattle, in Renton, and carpooled into the city. Not only to save on fuel but parking is extremely expensive. We parked just a block from where the concert was and headed off to Pikes Place Market. A favorite with locals and visitors alike. I didn't take as many pics as I wish I had but I did get a few.

Pikes Place Market after dark.....

Char wouldn't let me take a pic of her, but I did pose for one of myself with Rechel the pig. I turned out a bit blurry (probably not a bad thing....too bad I couldn't have airbrushed it too to make myself look younger and thinner!).

The fish market is a big draw. The guys make the fish fly through the air when people buy them....unfortunately no one was buying when we were there so I didn't get a picture of that.

This giant squid hangs inside a gallery area of shops, it is enormous.....and cool. Though I'm really not sure why a squid was chosen.....something to ponder.

We went by one of my favorite places, Kells. It's an Irish pub and when you walk in you feel like you are walking right into one in Ireland (not that I've been there but it IS on my bucket list). I had an Irish beer and Char had a soda (she is such a good girl).

For dinner we decided to go to a place that one of the police officers that we talked to outside of Macys recommended. Char and I had both heard of it before, and thought we had heard good things. The Daily Grill was a pretty, fancy decorated place, but we both agreed we wouldn't be back or recommend it. We both decided on the Fish and Chip (panko breaded Tilapia). It was very dried out and not good at all. Seeing the prices on the menu for all the items, I doubt I would take a chance and try eating there again. We enjoyed sitting and chatting, however, so that made up for it all.:)

Off to the concert. Char even ran into a "Feat Fan" that she had known for years. The Moore Theater is one of the many old beautiful theaters that are in Seattle. Each one is a work of art inside and I could probably just wander around for hours looking at all the details.

Little Feat is a very upbeat band, and I really enjoyed every moment of it, especially sharing it with a good friend. Here are some pics I managed to get without using a flash....sorry for any blurriness! (these are the least blurry of all the ones I took....)

Oh! also I received my birthday wish from my DH for a new apple picker and waterproof slip-ons (my younger dogs had improved on my old ones so much they were finally not waterproof at all....). Jasmine decided she would be a good model for the pic of the gifts.

Funny I really don't feel 50 years old.....well, you know what they say (at least I'M starting to repeat it a lot!) 50 is the new 30!! :)


Franna said...

50 - you spring chicken, you. :-)
I don't feel like I'm getting older, just that the kids are getting YOUNGER all the time! Congratulations on the milestone. It reads like you had a fun birthday.
- Franna

Susan said...

What a great way to celebrate your half-century milestone! I did mine by visiting a high school friend who lives in Carson City, Nevada. We did a week-long road trip down the California coast from San Fran to San Luis Obispo and then back up inland. It was grand! We never stopped talking the whole week!

the7msn said...

Happy birthday! Looks like you had great seats for the concert - or a really long lens. Little Feat was mega popular when I was in college and my roommate played them over...and over...and over. But I loved them anyway.

Be sure to stop by my place on Monday to enter the giveaway. I think you'll really like the prize. ;-)

Nancy K. said...


I'm finding myself LOVING my fifties! I hope you do too...

I need orange said...

Happy Birthday!

Looks like a great way to celebrate.

My rule on pics is, stand sideways and stick your butt out of the frame on the side. :-)

Love that squid. Maybe they chose it because it is cool? Love the way they curled the tentacles.....

Eve said...

Happy Birthday Tammy,
I'm right behind ya! Little Feet!! I remember the band, just cant think of one song they did!!

Wrensong Farm said...

Thanks everyone for the congrats and well wishes. :)

Susan, it sounds like you had a great trip for your birthday!

Linda, they were just good seats...I have a fixed lens camera, hope to get a "real" camera some time soon.

I need orange....I LOVE that idea on how to pose...I'm going to try it next time. :)

Eve, one song that everyone seems to remember is "Dixie Chicken" :)

Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a good time. That's a nice apple picker. I have one in the chicken coop and it's one of the handiest tools I've got. That fish market looks great. I'd love to be able to get fresh fish like that here! Especially if they flew through the air!

shadow mountain jacobs farm said...

Glad you had a good time celebrating your special day. You sure don't look 50!!! I love Pike's Place Market but haven't been there for 2 years or more. The 50's are not so bad, closer to retirement Yea...

goatgirl said...

Happy Birthday! I am almost 50 too....and the funny thing is is that I am going to ask for an apple picker for Christmas.
I love to go to the city every once in a while. And I love the market. It is fun to see you with Rechel. Sotto Voce, the oil and vinegar store across from there is my nephew's shop.
Great post and Happy Birthday once again.

Ruth said...

Happy Big 5-0! And nice to see how young you look. :) The photos of the concert are wonderful, and the whole experience sound like a great way to celebrate with Charlene.

Love "one of" your dad's favorite words! It's one of mine too, especially when a man says it for some reason. :D

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I agree, you don't look your age!

Kathleen said...

50 here, too, but don't feel it. I can't believe I'm actually that old. How can that be? The years seem to have crept up on me when I wasn't looking.

Ishtar said...

50 is really nothing because a youthful spirit (like yours) doesn't fade. You're just richer in life experience than "the rest of us"!

Happy birthday!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! I'll be 60 next month and still going along pretty well. Are you a redhead? It looks like it in your picture. Me too. When I was growing up they used to say that nothing was as crazy as a pinto horse and a redhead. I love that you have a pinto donkey!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You don't look even close to 50! You look like a young 30 yr old. What a beauty you are, even next to the funny big pig! lol!

Thanks for sharing your milestone birthday on your blog. I had no idea Little Feat were even playing together anymore. And I've always wanted to check out Pike Peak Market. It seems like the Mother of all markets!
The Irish pub sounds wonderful. I love a good Irish porter beer myself. It's been years, though.
Maybe for my 50th I'll do something like that. Only 7 more year to wait. gah!

Happy Birthday!!!

New Mexico

Jenny Holden said...

Happy belated birthday!
Looks like you had a fab time. That fish market looks amazing.
Hear's to the next 50 years eh? :o)

country girl said...

The next 50 are the best; take it from someone who is 13 years on the other side of the half century mark.