Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm IT and I'm Not Worthy......

Bad blogger, BAD, BAD blogger......quite awhile back, Jan 19th to be exact, Lisa at Laughing Orca Ranch tagged me and awarded me. Then on the 31st she awarded me again. Yesterday, Shannon awarded me and then today Michelle at Boulderneigh awarded me too.....I'm really not feeling very worthy!!

I will try to cover it all in one blog post...so bear with me.

From Lisa, I was given the Lemonade Award AND the Fab Award
. Yesterday I received it from Shannon at Kenleigh Acres and today Michelle at Boulderneigh gave me the Fab award too!!
:) Thanks to all of you! (and if I have forgotten anyone that has bestowed an award on me, my deepest apologies....my memory is not as good as it used to be!) Can I just blame it on all those glasses of red wine and beer? The Fabulous Blog award comes with a request....5 things you're addicted to....and of course, to pass it on to 5 other bloggers. :) I'll spill those beans at the end of the post.

Now as far as my addictions......I have so MANY!! :) However, even though three people gave me this award and I COULD post 15 addictions I will limit it to 5. :)

The top 5 being....

1. Animals, of course, tops being dogs, horses, donkeys, cats, sheep, chickens, guineas, turkeys, peacocks, mountain lions, wolves, wild birds....sheesh I better stop there.

2. Books, a person can never have enough books. I have gone through, thinned out, donated and I swear they keep multiplying......these pics don't even include my recipe books or my arts/crafts book which are in another room! (or the stack on my nightstand or the ones on and under the coffee table.....)

3. Photography.....been addicted to that since I was a child and got my first Kodak! :)

4. Travel....I love to immerse myself in local culture, I don't like visiting other countries/states as a "tourist"...I want to experience places as they are meant to be felt/seen.

5. Blogs! I love reading other peoples blogs, even though I sometimes don't get a chance to post a comment. It is with blogging that I realized I would like to visit Niger, and how wonderful the people are there (thanks Esther,), my cravings for visiting Australia are someone satiated until I get to see the real thing (thanks Bush Babe ), I realize I should look closely at New Mexico, as it looks like a place I could live out the remainder of my days (thanks Lisa at Laughing Orca Ranch and Linda at the MSN Ranch), I have laughed, cried and lived thru many of my other favorite blogs.....which would take to long too list them all.....see my Blogs I Love to Visit for other wonderful blogs....they are all worth taking a moment to enjoy. All these people have a great sense of humor, a keen eye for photography and a love of life and animals.

Now, the interview from Lisa had some very interesting questions. Once again I'm sure my memory has failed me to come up with the perfect answers, but these were the first ones that came to mind......

Question 1:
Talk about your proudest moment.
Making it thorough the rigorous training for Mounted Search and Rescue and being accepted as a member.

2. Talk about your most embarrassing moment.
being chosen at VERY packed Cajun bar/restaurant in New Orleans to get up and play a washboard with the band. (There are pics.....somewhere) :)

3. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
Back in time, to see who my real mother and father were (I'm adopted). In "real life" I would like to go to Australia...but for no less time than a month.

4.Have you ever swam naked? Where? Yes, Skykomish River, in the summer (yes, it was cold), with no one else around (that I could see....) and NO there are no pics of that! :)

5. How many pairs of shoes do you own? I used to not have many shoes at all.....then I got hooked on retro sneakers....., I also have a couple pairs of Ariats, a couple pairs of hiking boots (from Search and Rescue), a couple pairs of snow boots (for home and in case I have to walk home), a couple pairs of barn shoes, a couple pairs of clogs/mules.....the one thing I don't have any of is dress shoes or heels....

6. What is the most daring thing you've ever done?
Hmmmm toss up....either flying to Miami by myself and being dropped off in the Keys to try and surprise my Mom, who was traveling down there, and not even being positive if the hotel that I was dropped off at was the one she was staying at....and it was a little run down place not a fancy resort! On the way there I saw a body floating in the water with police officers wading out to it....I was told that it was probably drug related as most of the deaths down there were......(and yes, Mom and I did manage to meet up and the Keys became one of my favorite places):)

The other thing was when I was riding my horse, Blue, on the mountain behind my house and came face to face with a mountain lion on the trail. I was so fascinated all I could do was stare and that is exactly what he/she did back. I guess it was the most daring thing Blue ever did too!! :)

7. What is the funniest thing you've ever seen?
I'm sure there are all kinds of things in my past that would have ranked right up there, I just can't put my finger on the one thing. I find myself amused on a daily basis, at life in general, but the things that really bring a smile to my face is when Kylie grins at me when I'm mad at her for something (yeah, that doesn't exactly convince her that I'm REALLY mad at her when I smile and laugh), Jasmine, the donkey, braying at me when I get home, the sheep running towards me and leaping and baaing, the turkeys, chickens and guineas competing to see who can be the loudest and get my attention. :)

I'm thinking this post has probably gone on long enough for one night, so I believe I will finish it up tomorrow. I have some pics to post (4th/4th, 6th/6th, 8th/8th folders), and some lucky people will get chosen for an award from ME! :)