Friday, August 28, 2009

Shetland, Jacob sheep and llama for sale

As most of you know I am having a dispersal sale of all my sheep due to continued mountain lion predation. I have found excellent homes for all my ewes except one Jacob ewe (most are going home to where I originally purchased them from), and Duncan, my Shetland ram is moving to Arizona! I still have 5 exceptional ram lambs, 4 out of Duncan. All are respectful (probably inherited from Duncan):) and are a pleasure to be around.

Following are his progeny:

Ram lamb, moorit out of Stonehaven Valeria, known as Valentine. Valentine has a gorgeous lighter moorit fleece, more golden. I don't know if this ram lamb will stay as dark as he is now but he does have a lovely fleece.

Next is a fawn katmoget ram lamb out of Stonehaven Ilse (musket). This boy has stood out from day one. He has quite the presence about him and a gorgeous, soft, thick fleece.

This little ram lamb is a grey katmoget, he is out of Boulderneigh Bella (grey flecket katmollet)and also has a gorgeous, soft fleece.

Last of Duncan's boys is out of WSR Rechel (grey flecket) with a lovely soft shorter fleece. This boys fleece is also on the shorter side but very soft. His horns are OK...may get even better. He is a grey katmoget.

The last ram lamb I have available is a gorgeous flecket gulmoget. Aries is a real looker, and would have lots to offer as a flock ram. He's out of Shady Oaks Chantel (Grey mirkface with bioget markings that also carries yuglet) and Underhill Jet, a black gulmoget with a phenomenal horn set.

I also have a nice pair of registered 4 horn yearling Jacobs. The ram is a chocolate lilac and the ewe is black and white. Ewe is friendly, ram is respectful. Very nice fleeces on both.

Also for sale is Gallo, my guard llama gelding. He has been a guardian llama for sheep for quite awhile...I purchased him from Kenleigh Jacobs, where he was a guardian for years for her ewes. He loved to be with his girls and really misses them. He is not fond of other llamas or the ram lambs (though he hangs out with them). Gallo is a shy boy, but once you get him he stands still and will cooperate nicely to get sheared, his feet trimmed, wormed, etc. He is constantly humming especially when he is asking you a what are you doing with my ewe. :) He really is a great llama and if he didn't seem so lost without his ewe flock I would keep him.

If you have any questions, want fleece samples, prices or more pics please e-mail me and let me know. I can also possibly deliver to other areas of WA, OR, ID, No. Cal. (anywhere I can get to and back in a weekend).

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pool Party!! Emu Style....:)

I think everyone has heard at least one Pacific Northwesterner complaining about our record temperatures....they have been pretty intense. It was 109 at the house here one day, and when you add all our humidity on top of that it makes it pretty uncomfortable. To show just how hot it was check this out:
Even the emus who typically don't seem to mind the warmer temps decided a little pool party was in order.

I think the following pics shows just how much a pool party can be enjoyed by a pair of emus.

Thankfully the temps have returned to the cooler side, though I'm sure the emus are hoping for another heat wave and are looking forward to the next pool party.