Sunday, June 28, 2009

What I did on my Summer Kylie Knight aka Sprites Great Adventure

I decided to do a bit of blogging since Mom has been to busy trying to get the place spiffed up for family visiting next week.

We just returned from vacation down to No. CA to go to Guerdon's family reunion in No. San Juan.

We got to stay at his Aunt Gens house in Nevada City. OH! the wonderful smells around her place!! I had such a good time, and everyone spoiled me. :)

My favorite smell at her place was DEER!! Mom kept her eye on me pretty good, but I tricked her into thinking I was just smelling the ground. I ACTUALLY had my eye on five deer that were out in the woods. Before Mom could get my name out of her mouth I was gone like a shot! WHEEEE! Through the woods we went, I could hear Mom and Guerdon yelling my name.

The deer leaped over this huge ditch filled with water, but by the time I saw it I wasn't able to gather myself to spring completely over it and I got a bit wet.

Then I heard Mom yelling "AUS!" which is from Shutzhund training and means for me to stop what I'm doing. Sigh. I stopped and turned around.

Mom and Guerdon were on the OTHER side of the ditch. She kept telling me to stay on the other side though I know I could have just sprang back over to her. She was really worried as I guess this is the NID ditch where people get their water and many a dog has fallen in and can't get out until someone pulls them out.

So I followed along on the other side of the ditch till we came to a road. Mom told me "Platz!' and I laid down and waited until Guerdon came over and got me.

Boy! was I tired. Mom thought it was funny and kept taking pics of me in the back of the Subaru when they were on their way to dinner.
They went to a place called The Willo. It's an old roadhouse and they have a limited menu of mostly beef. Like that would be a problem!!
You can grill your own meat or pay an extra 50 cents and have them grill it for you. Personally I would rather they just hand it to me raw, but people are funny that way.

This pic is of my Grandma Lucy, Guerdon's Mom. She grew up here in Grass Valley and Nevada City and met her husband Ray here. This is her showing off her leftovers, which she brought home for ME! :) She calls me her granddaughter and spoils me all the time.

The next day was the family reunion. Affectionately known as "The PIG". Was I excited when I heard that! More food!! There were lots of people there, and dogs.

They had a horse and a mini donkey. This little human really liked them.

This one male human came up and wanted to meet me. I was more than happy to make his acquaintance. Mom said he probably didn't want me licking his tonsils but I personally think he liked it.

They had a Border Collie there named Elvis that put on a show with tricks. I watched him carefully, but I didn't see anything that I personally thought was special, I'm sure I could have done any of those tricks. He got a lot of applause though. Every time his person threw a ball for him I wanted to go get it (I KNOW I could have beat him to it) so I had to stay on a leash during his show.

After we ate lots of good food we went for a walk down their road.
Lots of good smells here too. There were some pretty flowers by the side of the road, though they weren't near as interesting as the smells!

There were these orange flowers Mom said were poppies. I sniffed at them but there was this bug in there that yelled at me and said I'd be sorry if I kept smelling so I left it alone.

I guess I'll finish up my story later....Mom is going to plant some plants and I have to go show her I can dig holes better than she can....she obviously must have forgotten how well I re-landscaped the yard last year! Later!! Kylie

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ram lambs, ram lambs, everywhere I look there are ram lambs......

Just returned from vacation (Kylie will be posting more on that later).

Noticed I have a bunch of good looking ram lambs that I need experienced people to comment on as far as conformation, fleeces, horns, and tails.

As I haven't been around and I tried not to make my ram lambs too friendly before I left, I accomplished that part...but in turn it made it hard to get pics.

I'll try to group who is who, and if anyone is interested in any of these boys please speak up and I will do a strict photo shoot on that lamb as well as take good fleece pics and send a sample.

All the fleeces seem to be good and even. Mostly intermediate I think (spoken from a true novice).

Dad is Stonehaven Duncan, fawn katmoget, single fleece.

Valentines (Stonehaven Valeria Moorit) boy didn't have horns for quite awhile and now he has some that I am wondering if they are scurs? He is a luscious dark brown, his tail appears to be a bit wooly....thoughts?

WSR Rechels (Grey Flecket)boys...thoughts on color? the brownish boy also has white hairs on top of his head. The other boy...grey, I guess? though it is an unusual gray.

Sheep Ridge Princess Aurora (Mioget horned) had a lovely brown boy, HUGE horn buds...

Stonehaven Ilse (Musket) had a beautiful Katmoget boy....

Boulderneigh Bella (Grey Flecket/Katmollet) had a stout little gray katmoget ram lamb. He has held his own and has quite th personality!

The one and only ewe lamb I got was out of Stonehaven Flora (black) definitely a katmoget...color? fawn? grey?

So.....what are your thoughts? Thanks in advance!!