Sunday, April 24, 2011

What's that? spring is here?!

Rumor has it....spring is here. With all the cold and rain it's been hard to believe. Every now and then I see a sign though, a trillum here, a new brood of chicks there. AND for a bonus we had a beautiful sunny day that actually got over 60 degrees yesterday. :) as always, click to 'bigify'

We let our two hens that go broody raise a batch of babies every year. It's a tough life for little chicks being raised outside but it makes for some tough, smart least the ones that make it. They have to deal with all kinds of predators from barn cats to coyotes. This mama is really good at watching out for her babies and usually at least half make it to adulthood. As always there seems to be one baby that is my fav. The little brown, Americauna looking one is my favorite of this bunch...I'm hoping he/she makes it.

Don't you just love those fluffy butts? :)

Happy spring everyone!!