Sunday, July 19, 2009

Of red skied sunsets and red eared sliders......

The latest goings on at Wrensong are the addition of 5 red eared slider turtles to the pond (plenty of polliwogs and baby goldfish to eat). I swear the bullfrogs in the pond are at least as big as the smaller sliders, though the guy I bought them from just laughed when I mentioned worrying about the bullfrogs eating them. He said they would probably choke....well, good luck little ones!

Our weather has been extremely hot and dry (at least for MY neck of the woods) in the high 80s to low 90s and their is rumors that it will reach triple digits by the end of the week. While I'm not a big fan of temps over 80 it has made for some beautiful sunsets..... Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Medieval Tail.....

Okay, maybe not truly Medieval, but Dulcie's fly/midge sheet and fly mask definitely remind me of a jousting attired horse. :)Introducing Kiger Dulcinea, affectionately known as Dulcie. She is a 9 year old Kiger Mustang. Dulcie has a condition called sweet itch where she is allergic to midge bites for the Spring and Summer and will itch herself raw if left unattended.

I guess I knew remaining horseless no matter how hard I tried (i.e. selling everything horse-related down to the last piece of equiptment)it couldn't last. Horses are so much part of my soul and what makes me happy in life. It just took some time to realize it. Dulcie is the perfect size for me 14H, and has a nice laid back temperament....perfect for a 50 year old. :)

Dulcie was wild caught as a 3 year old and Lil Nagy adopted her and trained her. Lil was kind enough to let Dulcie come into my life. Lil is a Mustang advocate and her whole family rides Mustangs. Here is a pic Lil sent me of her daughter riding Dulcie for a show.

They just completed part of the annual John Wayne Wagon Trail ride. Other riders were very impressed with their horses, especially since they were all barefoot and the Trail can be extremely rocky being part of a railway right of way. Here is a link about the trail ride: It covers 200 miles across WA state, here's a link with the map that shows the route:

I recently visited the Mustang corrals in Burns, OR on the way home from a family reunion. I was extrememly impressed by the set-up, and the condition of the horses. They were ALL beautiful, I could have taken them all home. :) If you ever get a chance to visit the corrals they have a driving tour that you can drive all around their facility. The office itself wasn't open that day, I would have loved to talk to some of the BLM folks there.

As you approach the facility from either direction the first thing that catches your eye is the rearing Mustang on the horizon.

This is the sign entering the facility:

Here are some of the beautiful horses in the spacious corrals around the facility. The hay they were feeding was excellent quality....wish I could have taken a trailer load home with me.

This young one really caught my eye....if only there was more room in the Subaru.....but Kylie said there was no way she was sharing the back with a horse. :)

I can't encourage people enough to adopt a wild Mustang or Burro/donkey. They are wonderful animals and a great way to help preserve some of our American heritage. They have adoption sites nationwide and even have on-line adoptions. Here are some of their planned adoption events: and some more events including the online

If you haven't been to her site already please visit the 7MSN Ranch Not only is Linda an exceptional photographer and storyteller, but her animal family includes too wonderful donkeys that she adopted.

Also, for some more fantastic photos and great reading, please visit Mud Ranch: Joan also happens to have some of the most beautiful Kigers!

Kylie has been after me to do the next post so I guess I'll have to turn the computer over to her for the next posting...