Sunday, May 24, 2009

Who's that knocking at my door????

This morning when I walked into the living room I had quite the sight. 5 peacocks looking in, with one REALLY looking in. Though they sure can make a mess out of my back patio it's hard not to appreciate the beauty....and comical looks that the peacocks bring.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

With a peep, peep here and a peep, peep there....

My little Serama girls managed to hatch out some little ones. They didn't hatch any of the quail eggs out but I'll forgive them. The little chicks they did hatch out were pretty darn cute. :)

Ahhhh....that sun feels SOOO goooddd!!!

Even though this pic is a bit blurry, you can see the upright posture even in the chicks!

Though daddy Serama roo was kind of a pain in the butt when the hens were setting on their eggs, he has turned into a protective daddy and chased a curious Call duck away from the chicks.....

Hey! What are those fuzzy little things???

Geez! OK already I wasn't trying to get THAT close!

A gal can't even be friendly these days!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there! Though I never had any children of my own I think of my animal family as my kids. :)

Along with all the cute little lambs there has been some bad news too. I lost two of the lambs, a ewe and a ram, not sure if they were stillborn or died shortly after birth. Unfortunately I was at work when they were born.

I also found out that I can't have Jasmine and Rosebud, the donkeys, near the lambs. They don't like the way the lambs move and want to stomp them. So unfortunately even though I got them for protecting the sheep they have to be pastured separately. They were definitely enjoying the sun today.

I love this wild dogwood that grows in my pasture, I buried both the little lambs that didn't make it beneath it.

We're finally done lambing here, almost all ram lambs! All of them will be for sale if you're interested, as well as the Jacob ewe lamb.

First born, out of Boulderneigh Bella reg.S22596 (twin Grey Flecket/Katmollet) by Stonehaven Duncan reg.S16861 (twin Fawn Katmoget), a gray Katmoget ram lamb. (here I have to apologize....I'm slow on the naming of my lambs....)He's small but mighty. He usually is the one jumping on the other lambs trying to engage them in play.

Next was a fawn?musket? katmoget ram lamb out of Stonehaven Ilse reg. S25021 (single Musket) by Stonehaven Duncan. This little ram lamb really has a presence about him. Very regal, nice topline, straight legs, cute little tail. :)

Next was a dark brown ram lamb out of Sheep Ridge Princess Aurora reg. S25111 (single Mioget horned). A really robust little ram and check out those hornbuds!! This little guy has his own party if no one else wants to play, leaping and jumping...:)

Next up, a grey?fawn? katmoget ewe lamb, yeah! a ewe! out of Stonehaven Flora reg. S26178 (twin Black) and Stonehaven Duncan.

Next is twin katmoget ram lambs, one is a gray for sure (black with "sugarlips"), the other boy is an unusual mix of colors. They are out of WSR Rechel reg. S16907 (twin Grey Flecket). Poor Rechel is suffering from Mastitis on one side of her udder. :( She seems to be able to keep her boys fed off the one side, but I feel so bad for her. She is getting dosed with Antibiotics, and hopefully she will recover quickly. I will be looking for a spinners flock or pet home for her after her lambs are weaned. I don't believe she should be bred again. She has a lovely fleece and is a super friendly girl. Loves her chin skritches.

Last but not least, of the Shetlands, is a black ram lamb out of Stonehaven Valeria reg. S20400 (twin Moorit)and Stonehaven Duncan. Another robust, I can party by myself boy. He's always racing off to the distress of his mother.

My one and only Jacob ewe that I kept, had black and white twins, a ewe and a ram lamb. They are out of Painted Rock Janelle reg. A009-09 (two horn single B/W) and by Windy Acres Lawrence (a lilac 4 horn).

Ok, I guess we should give a nod to the Dads. All they had to do today was relax and enjoy the sun.



Now we have a few pics of some soon to be mothers.....

My turkey hen, Lucy (Rickie, the tom, is looking for a new home. He really messes with my Zen when I go to relax down at the barn. He thinks it's his job to stalk me and then fly up and pound me with his wings.)
She's also sitting on some chicken eggs that the hens placed in her nest when she wasn't looking....

Here are my Serama hens and their obnoxious roo. The poor girls can hardly set on their nests and he is always climbing on their backs and strutting and crowing....I wonder if they're not plotting to kill him in his sleep.

Here's a pic of the osprey nest on the property next to was over 15 feet across about 5 years ago and they add to it every year. I really need to get a telephoto lens.....

Lastly, are some shots of my other children....

The emus and their new sign...

One of the guineas...

Cleopatra and Marc Anthony (thanks everyone with you great name ideas!)

Sheepfields Sheba...

Sprite's Great Adventure "Kylie"